Reasons to Use a Carpet Chair Mat in the Office

Reasons to Use a Carpet Chair Mat in the Office

According to an August 2013 Buffalo Law Journal article, “The number of Americans working from home is on the rise.” Are you one of the lucky few who gets to participate in conference calls in your pajamas? More employers are warming to the idea of telecommuting or allowing their employees to work from home on a full-time basis. If you are homeworker, we’ve got some great tips on getting a home office space ready so you can be productive.

Create a space of your own

Ideally you live in a home or apartment with a spare room or dedicated office. If not, you’ll have to carve out an area of your home that is hands-off to everyone else and organized just for you.

Get comfortable

Chances are you will be spending as much time in your space as you did in your office or cubicle. Take time to prepare your space. Hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the office carpet and area rugs. Set up a desk or table as a workspace. You will need a storage center or filing cabinet and a comfortable chair and chair mat not only so you can roll around to grab things but also for carpet and floor protection. Good lighting is also important.

Keep things quiet

A closed door is the best way to keep noise out so you can concentrate or communicate. If you are working in a living area or dining room, a partition can work. You can also set up a communication system with your family members, using a sign or brightly colored scarf or flag to indicate when you are busy and cannot be disturbed.


Don’t let household activities, television, or friends and neighbors bother you. Your focus should be on your work because you are getting paid for the hours you spend at home. It may take practice, but if you regularly let people know you’re not available for coffee klatches or to help with a lawnmower, eventually they will get the hint.

Cornerstone Chem-Dry can help you get your home office space ready. We are experts in residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. We’ve been working in the Dallas area for more than 18 years. Our unique natural carpet cleaning dries quickly, allowing you to walk on your carpet in about two hours after we are done. We also offer a guarantee on all of our services.

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