Your Home Vacuum Cleaner Guide for 2018


Vacuums are more versatile than ever. Some even work using Wi-Fi signals. Here is a short guide to the best home vacuum cleaners for 2018.

Uprights are among the most popular because they are good for cleaning carpets, rugs and hardwood floors. If you have mostly carpets, this is the type of vacuum you want because it will offer you good suction with added features like headlights for seeing hidden dirt under furnishings or near walls. They also come with crevice tools, pet hair brushes, and upholstery tools. The Dyson Ball Multi-floor 2 vacuum is highly recommended in this category. Other brands such as Shark provide excellent suction for a few hundred dollars less.

Canisters are similar to uprights but they can handle hardwood, tile and low-pile carpets better than uprights. If you purchase one in the higher price range it will often be ideal for medium and high-pile carpeting. These are easier to move around and weigh less than uprights. They work great under furnishings and on staircases.

Miele Canisters are among the highest rated items but cost a lot. Bissell is a brand known for excellent canister vacuums with easy lift-off canisters and tools to make cleaning stairs, drapes and rugs easy, and requires little maintenance.

For hardwood floors, you need a vacuum that has non-skid rubber wheels. Otherwise, daily cleaning can take a toll on them by scratching them. Avoid less expensive vacuums that have plastic wheels. While you can easily use 2018’s canisters for hardwood floors, if you have primarily hardwood floors, you want a special vacuum with strong suction.

Stronger suction picks up dirt between floorboards without leaving scratches behind. Miele is a good brand for hardwood floor vacuums. These require a little investment but are well worth the price as they last for years.

Robot vacuum cleaners are among the most desirable for 2018 and with good reason. They can be programmed to clean carpets and hardwood, vinyl or tile floors ahead of time. They make use of sensors to keep from getting stuck in corners or from banging into furniture. They sometimes have built-in Wi-Fi so you can program your robot when you are away from home using a smartphone.

These vacuums complete the cleaning task and return to their charger. The best come with HEPA air filters. A highly recommended brand is iRobot. It is one of the bestsellers.



If you are a pet owner, you know you need special tools and a vacuum that has superior suction power. Pet hair can be a problem for cheap vacuums, but you do not have to pay a fortune to get a decent machine. Look for special pet-hair cleaning vacuums.

They have excellent beater brushes, turbo pet-hair tools, and crevice tools. They work well on stairs, in cars, and on furnishings. Brands that make excellent pet-hair vacuums include Dyson and Miele, but Bissell also offers highly-rated machines that have HEPA filters and superior suction to remove pet hair and dander from all surfaces.