Tidying Up A Home For Sale

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One of the most common things to do with any apartment/home/condo when people are moving out or selling is actually getting their carpets cleaned.

According to Sell My House Easy Fast Dallas:

One of the best things that a homeowner can do to improve the value of the home is simply make sure things are cleaned or touched up as much as possible. This uses the minimum budget but creates a huge effect when looking at the quality of a home. It’s one of the reasons that apartment complexes ask that tenants moving out clean the carpets.

So, among the many different things that you can do to up your curb appeal, which in turn ups your home’s value, apparently carpet cleaning has a much larger psychological effect than you might naturally think.

We, people, have a reptilian (older) brain that tends to make decisions even before we do.

That means, when we walk into a room and see everything that goes to our brain, we tend to make judgements about something even before we’re consciously aware of them.

For example, if you walk in and you can see darkened, dirtier areas of floors, even though you may not specifically look and think about those areas, you can nearly automatically create a judgement that says “something is off about these floors. They seem dirty.”

And that’s why when people walk into rooms that are dirty or decorated in different and unusual ways, they can create the “first impression” without actively thinking about it.

Our senses can pull in so much information about our environments, and our brain helps filter those things out.

That means that it subconsciously handles a lot of that information without you ever really knowing it.

Because of that, when people get a first look at your home, they’re already creating their first impression.

And when they enter the interior, it creates another first impression, although separated from the initial one because it’s considered a different space.

Don’t worry, I know this is a long-winded way to say “get your carpet cleaned.”

But hopefully it does do a little bit more in getting you to think about how people see your home.

Imagining yourself in other peoples’ shoes and looking at new houses, you have to think about what you expect to be in place.

That’s exactly what you have to achieve if you want to get top-dollar for your home, impress your potential buyers, and get your home sold quickly and at the highest value.

Hopefully this helps paint a clear picture on the importance of curb appeal, and we’ll continue to expand on it in future posts.

In the meantime, check back on our homepage to find new updates on tips and tricks with carpet cleaning and general home ownership.

Check out this video to get some simple tips on improving curb appeal (with the exterior):

How to Protect Your New Carpet

Did you just install carpet in your home and you’re worried about how to keep it looking great? Protecting your new carpet doesn’t have to be hard, and Cornerstone Chem-Dry wants to help. Here are some carpet care tips that will help you keep your new carpet looking great.

Vacuum Regularly

The best and easiest way to make sure that your carpet looks good for as long as possible is to vacuum it regularly. This means that you should be vacuuming your carpets at least once a week, and you should vacuum even more often in any high-traffic areas, such as hallways. The quality of your vacuum is important as well. You’ll want to use a high quality vacuum cleaner that is suited for your carpet. If you need help with what type of vacuum is best for your carpet, someone at Cornerstone Chem-Dry can consult with you.

Place Mats at Entrances

It’s important to place mats at any entrances to your home leading from outside areas. This will help you maintain your new carpet by minimizing any dust or dirt that may be brought into the home and nest in the carpet.  These mats should also be regularly cleaned as well to prevent any dirt buildup. An additional way to prevent any soiled carpets is to limit food and drinks on any carpeted area.

Professional Cleaning

Another way to keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh and new is by having your carpets professionally cleaned every year or so. It’s important to trust your carpets to a solid company with a good reputation, like Cornerstone Chem-Dry, because poor quality cleanings have the chance to potentially damage your carpet.

Remove Stains Immediately

If you mark or stain your carpet, you should try to remove the indiscretion immediately, because the longer it remains on your carpet, the more difficult it becomes to remove. If you are unable to remove a stain immediately on your own, be sure to call a professional immediately, as they will spot clean the affected area.

Avoid Bare Feet

Because oils and dirt from your own skin can affect carpet over time, your best bet is to avoid walking with bare feet on your carpet whenever possible. You can do this by wearing socks, shoes, or something else to cover your feet.

By implementing these tips, your carpet can maintain its great appearance and live a long life. Should you need help with your carpet protection, turn to Cornerstone Chem-Dry! We offer carpet cleaning in Dallas, and we’ll make sure to keep your carpet looking great! Visit our homepage (http://www.dallascarpetcleaningblog.com) to learn more about carpet cleaning or home care tips!