How To Effectively Vacuum Your Carpet

Keeping your flooring clean not only helps your house look better, it helps your house become healthier. A healthy home starts from the ground up. Are you vacuuming properly? Read on.

Check out the equipment

No one gets excited about going out to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, but these machines do a tough job. First make sure that your vacuum isn’t on its last leg. The noise level on your vacuum should be similar to what it was when you purchased it.

If dust particles are spraying while you are vacuuming, this may be a sign of a problem with the filtration system. Make sure the electrical cord is in tact and that it is picking up dirt reasonably well. If your vacuum is in good shape, make sure the bag or dirt container is emptied on a regular basis.


Check out the area

Before you vacuum an area, take a visual scan of the room. Paper clips and pebbles are no friends for your vacuum. Pick up any large dirt or debris that you see and discard it before you start to vacuum.

You want to be sure to vacuum your entire carpet, so move furniture out of the way and then place it back and vacuum again. Vacuum in broad strokes taking care not to bump into furniture.


Check it off your list

The most important way to effectively vacuum is to do it on a weekly basis. Make it a top priority on your chore list to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh.

A clean carpet means a healthier home. Be sure to schedule a professional yearly cleaning to get the dirt and dust your vacuum can’t handle.


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